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#By John Smith

  • What Does Fume Mean?

    Fume means to exhale or reek and also implies great anger. In science and engineering, fume hoods are used to minimize or eliminate fume emissions. The hoods are designed to protect workers and the environment from fumes and other dangerous materials. They are used in labs and in manufacturing environments. Exhalation A person who has been…

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  • Furious Anger – What is a Fume?

    A fume is defined as smoke or gas that comes from something, such as a grill. It is also a sign of anger. There are many common examples of fumes. These include metal fumes, HCl (hydrogen chloride) fumes, and TiO2 fumes (titania). Furious anger Furious Anger is a brand of independent artists. Their work is printed on…

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  • Elf Bar Review

    The grape flavor in Elf Bar is weak, but not terrible. It’s stronger than Peach Ice, but the flavoring still needs a little work. Also, it doesn’t taste very natural. A stronger grape flavor would be nice. Elf Bar could definitely improve its grape flavor. I would not buy another one, but I do plan on using…

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